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May 2019  >>


• Customized Light Engines according customer’s specification
• Standard Zhaga LED modules are available
• Audax is able to offer the LED modules with LEDs of famous suppliers, like Nichia, Cree, Lumileds
• Technical expertise in lighting since several years
• Development will be according to customer’s electrical and optical requirements
• Short lead-time for customized samples development (max. 4 weeks)


May 2019

April 2019  >>


• Wider frequency range and better sound, compared to other sound solutions
• Space saving shape & size
• Different impedances available
• Wide range of sizes available)
• Wire / connector assembly available
• Automotive specification available
• Expert advice & design-in support available


April 2019

March 2019  >>

NJR4234BW – the 24 GHz microwave distance measurement sensor module

• 24 GHz microwave distance measurement sensor for stationary and moving objects up to 30 m for a pedestrian
• Antenna, microwave RF circuit, base-band IF circuit, MCU and also signal processing are integrated in low-profile package (38 x 38 x 4.2 mm)
• Low-power-consumptiont
• High sensitivity mobile object detection (patented technology)
• Distance measurement signal processing
• Automatic calibration and gain control
• Radio interference prevention
• UART interface and digital CMOS output


March 2019

January 2019  >>

K-MD2 high-end 3D radar transceiver from RFbeam

• 24 GHz FMCW radar with digital signal processing
• Angle of arrival in azimuth / elevation
• Serial target list output
• Detection distance: 100 m for persons / 200 m for cars
• Distance range: 0 to 250 m, 1 m resolution
• Speed range: ± 130 km / h, 1 km / h resolution
• Angle range: ± 9.1° (elevation) ± 16.4° (azimuth), 0.1° resolution
• Compact  size: 120 × 72 × 15 mm


January 2019

December 2018  >>


• More than 60 % energy saving
• Higher efficiency with more air flow
• Selectable customized speed
• IP55 / IP68 / ATEX is available for choice
• Applicable for ErP2015


December 2018

November 2018  >>

Crocus TMR Angular Sensor CT300

• Contactless angle measurement from 0° to 360°
• Angular error < 0.6° over full temperature range
• Dual full-bridge resistor network
• Operating magnetic field: 20 mT to 80 mT
• Stable magnetic performance over temperature
• Differential outputs for SIN and COS axes


November 2018

October 2018  >>

Live NBIoT Application exclusively at Endrich! Come and join us at C3.301 at electronica!

M910-GL - A global certified NBIoT module from Fibocom

• Tri-mode for global market: LTE Cat-M1/Cat-NB1/GPRS
• Fit for all wireless carriers in low speed telecommunication standard
• Replacement for traditional 2G/3G modules
• Low Power Consumption
• Operating temperature range: -40 °C to +85 °C
• Global certifications

Endrich News October 2018

April 2017  >>


MPM6010 36 V / 1.5 A Module |  High-Efficiency, Synchronous, Step-Down LED Driver with Integrated Inductor | AEC-Q100 Qualified

  • Complete Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Wide 4 V to 36 V Operating Input Range
  • Integrated 2.2 μH Power Inductor (AEC-Q200 Component)
  • 85 mΩ / 50 mΩ Low RDS (ON) Internal Power MOSFETs
  • Wide PWM Dimming 100 Hz – 2 kHz Fault Indication for LED Short, Open, and Thermal Shutdown
  • Over-Current Protection (OCP) with Valley Current Detection
  • Available in a Wettable Flank Package
  • Package QFN-17 (3 x 5 x 1.6 mm)


MPM6010 MPS Grafik

March 2017  >>


Customers can order an almost endless combination of frequencies, voltages and frequency stability's (PPM) in a range of industry-standard packages. Plus SiTime offers unique features to optimize system design and performance.

  • Customizable Frequency: 1 Hz to 700 MHz with up to 6 decimals of accuracy
  • Supply Voltage: 1.8, 2.5, 2.8 or 3.3 V (customizable between 2.5 - 3.3 V)
  • Frequency Stability: ±0.1, ±0.2, ±0.25, ±0.5, ±1, ±1.5, ±2.5, ±5, ±10, ±25, ±50 ppm
  • Spread Spectrum: Center-spread and down-spread options
  • Digital Control: Digitally controlled oscillators (DCXOs) for jitter cleaning and fail-safe functions
  • Pull Range: Programmable from ±25 up to ±3200 ppm
  • Output Drive Strength: Programmable high and low drive strength settings
  • Packaging Options: Industry standard 2012, 2016, 2320, 3225, 5032 or 7050 packages, ultra-small 1508 chip scale packages, and SOT and SOIC packages
  • Operating Temperature Range: Extended commercial, industrial, and high-temperature up to -55 to +125 °C
  • Output: Output logic options (LVCMOS and differential) and output enable/spread disable/standby control options



February 2017  >>

What your members of the Government can learn from Donald Trump!

It has been four weeks since the inauguration of the new president of the United States. Prior to his election, his announcements already left the world startled. In the following, his ten most important statements shall be commented critically:

1.) Villainize the political opponent, make verifiably false allegations, repeat them often enough and the masses will believe it.
  smileno As Christians, we believe in the Ten Commandments. But the Ninth Commandment is very often forgotten. It states: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour…
2.) Constant repetition of allegations and verifiable lies will make them seem believable.
  smileno In social networks it seems to be becoming a sport to spread fakes (fake news) and to feed off the catastrophic effect. Just think of the little Russian girl in Berlin that was supposedly kidnapped and abused by immigrants. In truth such a little girl never existed.
3.) Praise protectionism, glamorize it and promise that this will make everything better.
  smileno By example of the Brexit in England we will be able to study the consequences of such a Brexit. It is easy to forget that besides a history of once being the biggest pirates, the British had the British East India Company which traded with India on a large scale and thus substantially contributed to the prosperity of England in the 18th and 19th century.
4.) Declare an absolute stop of immigration and demonize immigration.
  smileno Aside from the few 100.000 native American Indians, the entire population of the United States is composed of over 300 million immigrants. One should rather say “back to the roots”.
5.) Immigrants are a burden for every country, consisting of child molesters and rapists and will take away jobs from US citizens.
  smileno The founders of Google, Amazon, Uber and Tesla are US citizens in the second generation. In Silicon Valley for example, one of the largest sources and breeding grounds of newest technical know-how, there are thousands of employees from China, India and other countries on staff.
6.) Bad-mouth lawyers and the entire judicial system and reap the scornful applause of the crowds.
  smileno A modern democracy is only able to function via the separation of powers – executive branch, legislative body and judicial. Whoever does not accept this does not want democracy.
7.) Abolition of Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)
  smileno For Germany it remains the outstanding achievement of Bismarck who introduced a pension and healthcare system. Even if these systems were later made worse with so-called corrections, where would we be today without these laws? In the United States there is no compulsory insurance and thus millions of citizens are left without healthcare.
8.) Pretend to want to provide jobs for the unemployed.
  smileno In Germany we have a federal employment agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) as well as local employment agencies (Arbeitsagenturen). It was the final big achievement of former Chancellor Schröder to introduce the Agenda 2010 which was very effective despite being unpopular. The United States consist of 50 federal States with independent administrations and legislation which failed to purposefully eliminate unemployment – just as the French, Spanish, Italian and British governments failed to do. One example from Germany is the Ruhrgebiet (an area around the river Ruhr comprising of industrial cities such as Essen, Duisburg, Bochum and others). Up until the end of WWII the area was entirely dependent upon coal and steel and managed to create an entirely new industrial structure after the war.
9.) The United States have a poor standard of education and while Mr. Trump attended university it appears that he was more concerned with baseball because it seems that he never saw the inside of one of the elite universities of the United States, which certainly convey an excellent education.
  smileno Our school system of primary school (Grundschule), secondary school (Realschule), community school (Gemeinschaftsschule) etc. offers adolescents excellent options so that they do not have to go through life illiterate. And with the dual system of vocational school and practical experience in the industry we may have the best system to prepare young people for their jobs. I am surprised that the German school system is not copied by governments around the world.
10.) Immediate implementation of all campaign pledges
  smileyes These actions of Mr. Trump surprised everyone and should be a role model for every politician, to implement campaign pledges within four years and not to beat around the bush for four years without any substantial achievements (e.g. fiscal reforms, estate tax).

So what do we learn from Mr. Trump? The vast bulk is not recommended for imitation. But what do we learn from this? Especially in the upcoming election campaigns this year.

Best regards, W. ENDRICH ∙ February 16th, 2017


Herr Endrich neu Wolfgang Endrich

January 2017  >>

Happy New Year!

Dear readers,
For the start of the New Year I have found a little story which I find very nice:

The black dot: .

One day, a professor walked into class and suggested a pop quiz. He proceeded to hand out the test papers, face down as usual. He then asked his students to turn over the paper and to begin.

To everyone‘s surprise there were no questions – only a black dot in the middle of the page. The professor proceeded to explain the following: “I would ask you to please write down what you see.” The students were confused but started writing. At the end of class, the professor collected the papers and began to read the answers out loud. Without exception, all students had described the black dot – its position in the middle of the page, proportions, relation to the paper etc.

The professor smiled and said:

“I wanted to give you an assignment to think about.

Nobody wrote anything about the white part of the paper.

Everybody concentrated on the black dot – and the same thing happens in our life. We are given a white piece of paper to use and to enjoy. But we only concentrate on the black dots.

Our life is a gift that we should care for with love and diligence. There is truly always a reason to celebrate – nature renews itself every day, our friends, our family, work which provides for our existence, the wonders we see every day ...

But we only concentrate on the dark spots – health issues, lack of money, a complicated relationship to a family member, the disappointment in a friend, expectations etc.

The dark spots are small in comparison to everything that we have in life, but they are what occupies our thoughts and darken our soul.

Take note of the black spots but turn your attention more towards the entire white paper and the possibilities and happy moments in your life and share it with other people!”

On this note I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year with lots of beautiful moments

Very best regards



Herr Endrich neu Wolfgang Endrich

November 2016  >>

Electronica 2016 – Thank you for your visit!

Dear readers,

We had a very successful exhibition at the Electronica in Munich. Many new products found big attention with our visitors. Last month we sent you our newest shortform catalogue – please do not hesitate to contact us for our new products.

Best regards


Electronica 2016 - thank you for your visit

September 2016  >>

A year of joy

Dear reader

This year is really a year of joy. First, our CEO, Dr. Christiane Endrich, has been appointed by the readers of Markt & Technik, a famous German electronic magazine, as “Manager of the Year 2016”, and now we received six awards from the electronic magazine Elektronik and were voted “Distributor of the Year 2016”.

We want to thank you most sincerely for your vote!

In the product field of displays, regarding

• technical competence & support
• availability in volume
• delivery service of samples

Additionally, we could get the award for second place in the category passive components with

• delivery service volume

and received two further awards in the field of displays with the criteria:

• general impression
• delivery service volume

We are very proud that we could get such important awards by our readers – that means you – and that you had positively judged our activities as one of the major distributors in Germany!

We will also in future be fully dedicated to offer new products and solutions for our customers and give you our very best support.

Therefore, we are glad to invite you to visit our booth at electronica in Munich from November 8th – 11th, 2016, in hall 5, booth 124. We hope that we can welcome you to our booth. We will show our newest, very interesting, novelties. Especially on the field of IoT and help you in the competition of new innovations in the market.

W. Endrich


Fr. Dr. Endrich Verleihung Photo: Horacio Canals / Elektronik