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Part no. Mode Application Manufact. Dimensions [mm] Base Size [mm] Remarks Details

- 4× 5GNR MIMO, 4× 2.4/5.0/6.0 GHz ISM MIMO and GNSS 2J 198 x 127 x 15.7 mm 198 x 127 x 15.7 mm - more >>


- 4× 5GNR MIMO, 4× 2.4/5.0/6.0 GHz ISM MIMO and GNSS 2J 198 x 127 x 51 mm 198 x 127 x 51 mm - more >>


- 4× 5GNR MIMO, 4× 2.4/5.0/6.0 GHz ISM MIMO and GNSS 2J 199 × 167 × 54 mm 199 × 167 × 54 mm - more >>


2x LTE/ 5G (Sub6GHz), 2x WiFi, 1x GNSS Inpaq 200 x 100 x 31 5 in 1 Antenna, Customization possible more >>


4G LTE/FirstNet/LPWA/NB-IoT/Cat-X-Mx-NBx/3G/2G 2J 136.8 x 32.6 x 0.2 300 x 300 more >>


Ground Plane Dependent 5GNR 2J 80 80 5GNR Hinged Connector Mount Antenna - 617-960 MHz & 1427-2690 MHz & 3300-5000 MHz & 5150-5925 MHz / ultra wide-band / super low profile / high performance more >>


4G LTE/FirstNet/LPWA/NB-IoT/Cat-X-Mx-NBx/3G/2G 2J 120 x 8.9 x 0.15 300 x 300 x 2,5 more >>


Ground Plane Dependent 5GNR 2J 40 x 7 x 3 40 x 7 5GNR Surface Mount Antenna - 617-960 MHz & 1427-2690 MHz & 3300-5000 MHz & 5150-5925 MHz, Fiberglass Material more >>


Passive UWB (3.4-3.8 GHz) INPAQ 3.2 x 1.6 x 0.6 3.2 x 1.6 UWB Monopole Chip Antenna more >>


Passive UWB (6-8 GHz) INPAQ 5.2 x 3.7 x 0.7 5.2 x 3.7 UWB Coupling Chip Antenna; qualified according to AEC-Q200 more >>

Antennas are critical components required in ALL wireless communication systems both on the receiving and transmitting end. No effective communication system could be designed without an antenna.

Endrich offers a wide range of antennas for wireless radio systems like tracking/tracing, telematics/navigation, mobile phones, PC/notebooks, auto infotainment, multimedia, wireless metering, etc.

INPAQ has extensive experience in the design of antennas for computing, communication, consumer and automotive electronics. Especially the patch and chip antenna business is one of Inpaq’s core competencies.
With cutting edge technology, INPAQ has applied and registered hundreds of intellectual properties. With best solution and support, INPAQ set up laboratories in Taiwan and China and is certified of TS/IATF 16949, QS 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IECQ and others.
Due to the development of new innovative technologies and the continuous investment in research and development of new products a short time-to-market is given.

2J Antennas provides antenna innovations for a connected world in the field of automotive, marine, telematic, automation, M2M and IoT. 2J is a specialist in technologies such as LTE/GSM, GPS/GNSS and Bluetooth/WiFi where foil, flexPCB or omnidirectional antennas are used.
The production is certified according to TS/IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the antennas according to IP67 and IP69K.

MARUWA (Sarantel) offers a unique class of dielectric-loaded multi-filar antennas which provide unrivalled performance.
MARUWA’s multi-filar antennas offer a broader angle of reception than patch antennas do.
This enables the antenna to track more satellite signals even when the device is tilted from the upright angle of use. Thereby the device provides faster and more robust position fixes and an overall better user experience.


  • Custom made, high gain patch antennas for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Compass, SDARS, DAB, etc,
  • GSM/LTE foil, flexPCB and chip antennas, W-CDMA antennas as flat or custom designed, omnidirectional antennas, rod antennas, helix or integrated antennas
  • ISM band, Bluetooth and WLAN antennas (2.4 GHz , 5GHz)
  • Active GPS antenna modules


Maruwa is setting new standards for tomorrow's fine ceramics technology. The compact, high-performance models equipped with a subminiature VCO or LTCC substrate are developed to support cellular phones, tablets and many other complex applications.
Products: Voltage Controlled Oscillators / VCO to 6 GHz, others
Inpaq is one of the world leader in RF components, Integrated Passive Components and Circuit protection (V/I) devices.
Among the multiple RF applications/technologies supported are GPS/Glonass/Galileo/Compass, XM/Sirius, cellular/tablets, NFC, DVB, MIMO, others.
Additionally, Inpaq offers full, custom testing services (ex. certifications, conformity) for customers in our laboratories. Inpaq products are QS9000, ISO9001, ISO14001 and IECQ certified since 1999.
Products: RF Antennas (Passive, Active, Chip) , complete antenna & FEM solutions, ESD suppressors, Inductors, Thermistors, others
Aurel is a well known company focusing on RF thick film technology. Their wide portfolio range include complete, short-range RF modules for telecomunication, industrial, medical, aerospace and others, for numerous standards (SRD, ISM, etc), with focus on the 315MHz - 2.4 GHz range .
Products: complete RF blocks (RX, TX and TRX), ZigBee Modules, radio modem for radio telemetry, car alarms, remote controls, others
2J Antennas
is an antenna specialist in technologies such as LTE/GSM, GPS/GNSS and Bluetooth/WiFi where foil, flexPCB or omnidirectional antennas are used.

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