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For video signals we provide complete solutions, starting
from tuners over video amplifiers, OSDs, analog video processors,
digital video processors to power drivers for multi-purpose
applications in LCD TV and Plasma TV.

Especially to meet demands of the automotive
industry, suitable solutions have been developed.


  • Complete video signal solutions
  • Analog or digital
  • Applicable in automotive industry
  • HDTV solutions available
  • Any video systems all over the world


Block Diagram of Video Signal Solution

Nisshinbo Micro Device Inc. is a high performance analog semiconductor company headquartered in Tokio, Japan. The company is focused on development and production of high quality OPAmps, Power Management IC, audio and RF device. Using bipolar, CMOS and BCD technology Nisshinbo provides a wide range of products for consumer as well for industrial and automotive application.
Using own factories and technology they can commit for long term supply and also customer made device with high quality standards.

technical contact

Dietmar Kinn
Fon: +49 7452 6007 21
Fax: +49 7452 6007 821

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