Mission Statement

As one of the leading special distributors for electronic components in Europe, we offer our customers the added value that they desire for their product developments. Our claim lies in tailor-made consulting for all standard and high-tech products in the areas of optoelectronics, sensor systems, electromechanics, for both passive components and individual solutions.

Quality and Technical Support  >>

Quality is not a question of being demanding, in our opinion it is the key for success. Who recommends quality, shows sustainable thinking regardless of short-lived fashion.
Every good engineer is perfectly aware that it needs first-class components to make successful products. Business relationships over decades have become rare in the struggle for orders and yield. This exactly is the reason why we focus on continuity and long lasting cooperation, not only in the relationship with our suppliers, but also with our employees.
Thus, on one hand we can guarantee competitive advantage and a maximum of product availability, on the other hand, a positive social environment results in efficiency and entrepreneurial acting in daily business.

Closeness has nothing to do with distance – this is shown by our colleagues in Asia knowing the problems and their solutions directly on-site and thus enabling a smooth workflow. Our marketing and sales team face the constantly changing digital challenges with their highest technical qualification and many years of experience.

At this point we can be a little bit proud of our uniqueness: all product lines are taken care of by our teams of specialists and by experts of our producers. In short, we always provide exactly the technical support you may want. The figures and even more the high level of customer satisfaction show that this strategy works.

Almost one fourth of the yearly turnover of Novitronic is generated by its activities in the automotive supply industry, considered to being particularly complex. This can only be achieved by constant contact and a sensitive relationship management with our partners. Medium-sized producers as well as big enterprises in Asia, Europe and the USA form the basis for our design in the technically oriented distribution business.

Mission Statement  >>

As a service-oriented special distributor, we offer our regional and international customers the added value required to guarantee competitive advantages. Our claim lies in tailor-made consulting for all standard and high-tech products in the areas of optoelectronics, sensor systems, electromechanics, for both passive components and individual solutions.

The responsible attitude of a second-generation family company cannot be invented, but rather arises from dialogue. What we are has been and continues to be created together with our customers. That this way of thinking and handling is correct can be seen not long in decades-long business relationships, but also in our employees, who are the ones whose technical competence and empathy make the advantages for our customers and the added value for our company possible.


In a world that recognises that resource-conserving thinking and actions also bring economic advantages, we consider ourselves to be vindicated. We are convinced that economics and ethics belong together and offer added value to customers, employees, and business partners. We strive to provide our customers with products and solutions that enable a careful handling of energy.

One key application that works successfully is the Smart Meter, which provides a more transparent information and cost overview and therefore demonstrates true potential for savings. The reduction of the current consumption of products during operation or in standby mode has proven to be a sensible measure when it comes to integrating energy efficiency into day-to-day living. As the past has shown, it is mainly the "smart" further developments in the area of electronic components that guarantee the ability to implement maximum energy savings.

In the optoelectronics segment, for example, LED technology is extremely superior to conventional lighting technology. This can be seen in a discernible optimisation in regard to the energy balance sheet, service life, and maintenance requirement. We recognised this potential early on and positioned ourselves as an LED specialist. Naturally, we have since implemented numerous projects using this technology. One focus, for instance, lies in cost-reducing and quality-increasing measures in the continuous lighting of the sales fixtures of various customers. Examples of "best practice" include the lighting of a Europe-wide restaurant chain and sophisticated, highly efficient roadway lighting systems.

In our opinion, networked communication and the feeling that one is obligated to follow a common environmental codex will play a decisive role in future. Renewable energies generated by photovoltaics or wind power plants will play "the" key role in the climate issue faced by our planet. For Novitronic, this is reason enough to become deeply involved in such a market segment. For this purpose, we therefore offer numerous products and solutions that guarantee our customers both sustainability and cost savings.

Together, let's look to the future of the further technical development of electronic components.

History  >>

Milestones of the Company History

Novitronic, coming from a one-man company trading with diodes and transistors, developed into one of the biggest Design-In-Distributors in Switzerland.

Today, Novitronic offers standard and high-tech products but also customized solutions for all kind of applications as well as individual technical support for its customers. 


Novitronic Ges.m.b.H. in Vienna turns into Endrich Ges.m.b.H. The headquarters of Novitronic GmbH Nuremberg move to Nagold


Novitronic AG is taken over by Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH Nagold, Germany with CEOs Dr. Mathias Würth and Dr. Christiane Endrich


Establishment of a sales subsidiary in Winnenden, Germany


Inclusion of Tyco Products (today: TE Connectivity) into the product portfolio


Establishment of the daughter companies Novitronic GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany and Novitronic Ges.m.b.H. in Vienna, Austria


After 25 years of steady growth Kurt Hirt AG turns into Novitronic AG


Inclusion of products of Rohlf Feinelectric (since 1991: Friwo) and Yuasa into the product portfolio


Kurt Hirt AG moves into Oerlikerhus in Zurich, still headquarters of Novitronic AG


Inclusion of Amphenol products into the product portfolio

May 1961

Establishment of the one-man company Kurt Hirt with semiconductor-electronic products diodes and transistors

Logistics  >>

From our central warehouse in Zurich we deliver 8000 different parts from the heart of Europe to any location in Switzerland or Europe within 24 hours. Standards like “just in time”, buffer stock or storage at customer’s premises are part of our everyday life. With our customised and customer-oriented logistic strategy we are with our products quickly there where you need us. We stay in constant contact on-site with the supplier and at the same time also close to you. We always act locally and think globally in the truest sense of the word.


Switzerland  >>

Novitronic AG
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Austria  >>

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Ohlsdorfer Straße 18
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Germany  >>

Novitronic GmbH
Hauptstrasse 56
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Further locations  >>

Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH
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