Phototransistors and Photodiodes

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Part no. Daylight Filter Description Rise/Fall Time Sensitivity Direction (up, side, down) Light Current Details

yes 3.55*3.95*0.82 (L*W*Hmm) 25/42ns u 0.55A/W di più >>


no 1.2*1.7*0.5(L*W*Hmm) 10/10ns u 0.48A/W di più >>


no 3.55*3.95*0.8 (L*W*Hmm) 25/40ns u 0.55A/W di più >>


no 2.0*1.25*1.1 (L*W*Hmm) 15μs u 0.65mA (typ.) di più >>


no 2.0*1.25*1.1 (L*W*Hmm) 15μs u 1mA (typ.) di più >>


no 3mm 15μs u 2mA (typ.) di più >>


yes 3mm 15μs u 2mA (typ.) di più >>


no 5mm 15μs u 3mA (typ.) di più >>


yes 5mm 15μs u 3mA (typ.) di più >>


no rectangular 15μs s 0.8mA (min.) di più >>

In most optoelectronic sensor applications with infrared LEDs a detecting device is also needed. It is a fortunate coincidence of nature that the spectral sensitivity of photodiodes and phototransistors made of silicon match perfectly with the infrared range of the electromagnetic radiation of IREDs around 900 nm. Silicon as a material for photodiodes and phototransistors has many advantages: it is cheap, the production process is very sophisticated and optimized.

Silicon devices can be used for detection of the visible range (400 nm to 800 nm) and for the infrared range of electromagnetic radiation (800 nm to 1100 nm).

For applications where infrared LEDs are used as a light source there is no need for the detector to be sensitive in the visible range. In these cases photodetectors with so called “daylight filters” are used. This is simply a black epoxy mold instead of clear epoxy mold. It is blocking the radiation in the range of 400 nm to 800 nm whereas the radiation above 800 nm will pass the epoxy with almost no loss. All silicon detector types presented in this chapter can be delivered in clear and black epoxi molding.

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