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  • We offer a big range of TFT-Modules (without Touch, with resistive or projective-capacitive Touch), Touch-PCs, Touch-Monitors, Embedded Boards, OLEDs as well as monochrome LC-Displays. The portfolio includes industrial and sunlight readable TFTs with a longterm availability.
  • Due to the constant progress of display solutions, we're happy to introduce some new products. We enlarged our portfolio for Touch-PCs (ARM and x86 platform), Touch-Monitors from our new supplier faytech as well as
    well known iSi50-concept. iSi50 means, a 50-pole standard interface concept for TFT-module from 3.5" up to 7.0".
  • Closed Embedded Solutions are available in the area of Touch-PCs which offers a fast time-to-market. The Touch-PCs- include a patented aluminum-housing as well as different performance levels of the Freescale CPUs (i.MX6).
  • In the range of Embedded Boards are Single Board Computer as well as Computer-on-Modules available. All types have a good long-term availability. Also the Embedded Boards Solutions includes an extensive Soft- and Hardware-Support of our partner F&S.
  • OLED-Displays are based on an organic material. The big advantages of OLEDs are the very good contrast and wide viewing angle. Several colours as well as full-colour OLEDs are available.
  • Alphanumeric and graphic monochrome LC-Displays are available as standard or customized LC-modules.

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SOLOMON Goldentek Display
SOLOMON Goldentek Display (SGD) specialises in extremely high-quality TFT modules in the range 3.5 to 8.0 inches – modules that are particularly suitable for industrial applications.
Compared to the products of other market players SGD products are characterised by the fact that all sizes are available in high bright and ultra high bright versions. With a five year operational guarantee on workmanship and interface, SGD has an excellent market position. Standard for all models are the resistive touch panel and LVDS interface. The FPCs and PCBs can be designed in accordance with customer wishes. As an additional highlight, back-light drivers are available as standard for many TFT modules

Multi-Inno Technology Co., Ltd
Multi-Inno Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specialising in TFT modules, which are produced in China. A high priority in the production of these models is cost optimisation without any compromise on quality. By rapid adaptation of the TFT modules semi-customised solutions can be produced fast and cost effectively.
Through the extremely close cooperation between Endrich and Multi-Inno direct delivery in Asia and a complete support of the Asian FAE is possible at all times.

RiTdisplay Corp.
In the past 10 years RiTdisplay Corp. has grown to be a world market leader for passive OLED displays. The spectrum of these products extends from monochrome to full colour OLEDs.
Raystar Optronics, Inc.
Raystar Optronics, Inc. specialises in the production of standard alphanumeric and graphic OLED displays as well as monochrome LC modules. In the last few years Raystar has succeeded in making a name in the Taiwan market as an OLED panel manufacturer.

F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH was established in 1990 and is specialized in Embedded Boards with WindowsCE and Linux (Android). The boards enable to connect simple and cost-optimized displays as well as further peripheral devices via various interfaces. Several form factors (including Q7) are avail-able for CoM-Boards and PicolTX for SBC. The boards are equipped with Freescale Cortex-A5/Cortex-A9 CPUs up to Quad-Core which are available for 10 years. Also F&S has their own as-sembly production, produced with modern production facilities in Stuttgart, Germany. Furthermore, many years of experience in the Embedded Market result in innovative and up to date customer solu-tions, completed by an extensive soft- and hardware support.

The Logic Technology Group was formed in 2008 in Hong Kong and is specialized in the desinging, development and manufacturing of Embedded Computer Solutions. Logic Technologies offers Closed and Open Embedded Computer Solutions beginning from a size of 4.3" up to 15.0" without Touch, with resistive as well as capactive Touch. Furthermore an optical boned cover lens of 4 mm is available for the capacitve solutions. The Embedded Solutions are based on the two different processors i.MX6DL ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core and i.MX6ULL ARM Cortex A7 Single Core.


Headed up by our European management team, based in Shekou ,Shenzhen, China DLOGIC develops and manufactures best-of-breed touch display computers, commonly know as either Panel PCs or embedded computers, and utilizes Logic’s world class touch display technologies. Every aspect of our DLOGIC touch display computers are developed from the ground up; software, PCB design, schematic layout, fabrication, industrial and mechanical design, prototyping, testing, certification and mass production. All conducted, controlled and managed in-house buy our world class management, engineering and production team.


faytech relies on German Engineering standards and combines that with attractive priced Asian Manufacturing. In combination with reliable Local Service, faytech offers one of the most interesting packages in the touch device industry. Distributors in Europe, North America, Australia, Africa and Asia offer faytech products, making it a reliable global brand.


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