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Evaluation boards (or starter-kits) are very powerfull tools to help the customers to get the first test results with radar within shortest time. Three of them are available from RFbeam.

The ST-100 is for beginners in this field. With the help of this board and the corresponding software (which is included in the kit) speed measurements and movement detectors could be realized based on the Radar doppler effect.

The ST-200 is a evaluation board which is useful for customers who want to make distance measurement of stationary and moving objects using FMCW or FSK methode. Of course, operation in doppler-mode is also possible. This board contains a fast AD-DA-converter and a digital signal processor. With the software included in this kit, the parameters for FSK and FMCW can be adjusted to operate the radar the different modes.

Finally, ST-500 is a starter kit for a movement-detector for LED-lighting industry. This radar module is driven by the outupt voltage of the LED driver module, so no additional power source is necessary. The ST-500 is a movmeent detector which gives a feedback to the LED-driver via a 1-10V-interface as a dimming signal. As soon as a person is detected, the dimming level is set on „high“, and after the person has disappeared, the level goes back to low.


RFbeam Microwave GmbH from Switzerland (St. Gallen) is a leading supplier of planar Radar sensors, K-band measuring equipment and engineering. Their product range covers simple low cost Doppler devices as well as state-of-the-art digital and superhet transceivers and systems. Typical applications are movement and industrial sensors, traffic supervision and analyzer systems, sport measurement equipment and many other uses.

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