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Ils sont bon marché et conviennent très bien pour remplacer des boutons-poussoirs tout en offrant de nombreuses possibilités de design


  • each silicone keypad is custom-made, to fit optimally to the given application.
  • silicone-rubber Keyboards have very good tactile characteristics and

  • Storage temperature -40 … +250° C
  • Working temperature -20 … +70° C (Unless otherwise confirmed)
  • Contact resistance <200 Ohm
  • Contact Specification: 25 mA / 30 V
  • Operating Force: 20 ... 500 gf
  • Operating travel: max. 5 mm
  • Bounce time: <5 ms
  • More prints and multi color mats are possible


WIN (Win Industry Co., Ltd.), founded in 1978 in Taiwan. Their product range includes the design and fabrication of rubber, silicone and plastic products, rubber keypads and membrane keyboards.

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