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The SSD is a high performance, fully integrated, embedded flash Solid State Drive. It contains an integrated ATA Controller and NAND Flash die in a multichip package. This product is well suited for embedded solid state mass storage applications offering new and expanded functionality while enabling cost effective designs.

The SSD (solid state drive) that is designed for embedded systems using standard ATA/IDE protocol. It has built in microcontroller and file management firmware that communicates with ATA standard interfaces; therefore, the device does not require additional or proprietary software such as Flash File System (FFS) and Memory Technology Driver (MTD) software.


  • 8GB ~ 512GB
  • 1,8" and 2,5" Package
  • Standard and Industrial range of temperature
  • PATA and SATA available

Established in 2006, Memoright is an innovative company who is dedicated to collaborating with customers and partners to develop and manufacture first-rate Solid State Drives (SSDs). With proprietary core technologies, Memoright is capable of providing customized solutions and efficient support for various applications. Today, we are one of the world's leading SSD companies.

technical contact

Dietmar Kinn
Fon: +49 7452 6007 21
Fax: +49 7452 6007 821

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